ICA - Interarab Cambist Association is a non-lucrative professional association founded in Beirut, Lebanon in 1972 following an agreement between foreign exchange dealers in 14 Arab countries from North Africa, Gulf and Middle East. Our members, Arab and non-Arab traders internationally working for Arab and foreign banks and financial institutions, are engaged within the financial trading and sales representing FX, interest rate products, equities, commodities and others. Annual Conference More than 500 senior treasury managers, managing directors, investment bankers, risk management and asset wealth management directors, chief economists, chief strategists and senior dealers representing international banks and institutions from around the world attend ICA annual conference, benefiting of the exchange of professional expertise and network development. Conference delegates of Arab nationalities comprise sixty percent while the forty percent are Europeans and Americans. A trade show accompanies the annual conference where vendors showcase their latest products. Training & Education ICA is engaged in enhancing professional education of the members through organizing regular trainings and workshops within the affiliated countries.